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Jennifer Anne
26 December
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Hi you, meet me. I'm 16. My birthday is December 26. I currently go to SUNY Cobleskill, with a major in Early Childhood Education. I'm from Greenville but go to GCS. I have 2 brothers, Tucker- hes 9, and Kyle- he's 21. And I have 1 sister, Kerry- and she's 23. Theres a twist on it though, Kerry and Kyle arent blood siblings, only Tucker is. I hate my mother and father and dont live with either. I live with Denise and Brian. They are the saints that took Tucker and I in when my parents started to fuck up so much they couldnt take care of us. I like to ski, read, write, draw, shop, hang, all the "normal" teen stuff. Well thats the basics. And for now thats all you need to know.